Thai Tenses – Talking About Time: A quick and easy guide to talking about time in Thai


Tenses allow us to talk about when an action happened, when it began, how long it lasted, when it finished, whether it is still continuing, if it is planned, and so on. With no grammatical tenses available, it can be a headache knowing how to express time concepts in Thai. For both beginner and intermediate students of Thai, this book aims to dispel the idea that Thai has no tenses, and show you how the same meaning of tenses is achieved.
Using tense words, time words, adverbs, quantifiers, prepositions, and a little bit of time travel, you’ll soon be able to say exactly when.
Includes FREE online audio for all the examples in the book.
Suitable for self-study and guided study.

  • past, present and future tenses
  • simple explanations throughout
  • lots of example sentences
  • both phonetic and Thai script