Thai tenses & talking about time book


Thai tenses & talking about time book is a concise guide to speaking in tenses and how to clearly express yourself regarding when events take or took place.

Tenses allow us to talk about when an action happened, when it began, how long it lasted, when it finished, whether it is still continuing, if it is planned, and so on.

With no grammatical tenses in Thai, it can be a challenge to express time concepts accurately.

Thai tenses & talking about time book is aimed at intermediate students and shows you how to achieve the meaning of tenses in Thai.

You’ll learn how to say:

  • past, present and future simple
  • going to … for the future
  • past, present and future continuous
  • past, present and future perfect
  • ever, never & yet
  • prepositions
  • and much more

Using tense words, time words, adverbs, quantifiers, prepositions, and a little bit of time travel, you’ll soon be able to say exactly when.

  • covers past, present and future tenses
  • has simple explanations throughout
  • with lots of example sentences
  • uses both phonetic and Thai script

Suitable for self study and guided study. Uses both English phonetics and Thai script.

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