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Write the Thai Alphabet Today: Learn the Thai Alphabet and How to Write it; Tracing Thai Consonants, Vowels & Numbers; For Adults and Children


Thai handwriting practice book
The ideal book for adults and kids alike to learn the Thai alphabet and how to write it. More than just a writing guide, this book tells you all about the Thai consonants and vowels and has free online audio to learn the names and sounds of each letter.
‘trace to learn’ method for each character with large examples. Large letters to show even the smallest details.

  • all about consonants
  • all about vowels
  • how to write consonants
  • how to write vowels
  • how to write numbers
  • table of consonants
  • table of vowels


  • A4 size
  • many Thai font examples
  • Premium quality
  • White paper
  • 63 pages

The easy way to learn the Thai alphabet and have fun writing it!